DATETIME and milliseconds

oxoocoffee posted 5 years ago in General
MariaDB starting with 5.3 and up supports DATETIME millisecond resolution so is MySQL 5.6 RC. Altering DATETIME to DATTIME(3) in console works fine. But when I try to do it using HeidiSQL I can't change it. To test this I created table in MariaDB 5.5.28 with two columns. One DATETIME and the other DATETIME(3).
Looking at it in HeidiSQL I can see column DATETIME(3) but I can't edit same for other column which is just DATETIME. I try MySQL own UI tool and Navicat 10.1.6 and none of them support it yet. Perhaps this is something HeidiSQL can get going and be first? How hard would this be to add this in next update?
Or how much of a donation would it take for someone to get this going?
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Hehe.. donations are not required for new features, and even do not accelerate the implementation.

So, what's on the TODO list.
* As far as I understand, I have to allow the LENGTH/SET clause for the DATETIME data type, in the table editor, right?
* Editing values in the data and query grids needs a new inplace editor. How do such values look like, which format do they have?
* more?
oxoocoffee posted 5 years ago
Yes You have to allow Length/Set for DateTime be editable. From what I am reading valid values for DATETIME are 0...6.

In my case I use DATETIME(3) so data looks like "2012-10-30 19:48:54.646" but millisecond can expand to 6 digits as stated above.

Here is useful link about it


Also a reminder Please check is DB synchronization and export/import works well too. Since I am new to Heidi I did not use this future yet.

If you need me to test it when it is done please contact me :)
I do not mean to sound pushy but this it kind of break/or make for me or I have to make different decision for time being. What is the Very General ETA.

Thank you

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