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Coolasice posted 5 years ago in General
Hi guys, I have a problem when I install Heidisql!

When I turn on Heidisql I log in ofc with the name root nd pass ascent because I wont to make a WoW private server. So far everything is good and normall but when I get in I dont have the folder auth where I have to change the realm and that's my problemunhappy
TTSneko posted 5 years ago
"When I turn on Heidisql I log in ofc with the name root nd pass ascent because I wont to make a WoW private server."

For me, the above WoW dumbspeech translates into the following when I apply the "plain English" filter:

"... I am trying to create a WoW private server. When I start HeidiSQL and open the according database, I am required to of course log in with the name 'root' and the password 'ascent'. ..."**

Explanation (for non-WoW-ers): the user is using Ascent (and various other tools) to create a private World of Warcraft server. 'root' and 'ascent' are the default values for login and password in such a case (no further comment upon "security" needed, I believe).

The missing "folder" referred to in this context is most probably a missing data table. Many users screw up in the process because they either do not grab all required SQL dumps or forget to re-import all of them to their system.

But then my translation library "WoW speech <-> English" is still a v0.7.5 beta, so I may be getting everything wrong.

Personally, I would advise the OP to find a correct (and up to date!) How-To-site (e.g. not the old stuff published by Tingle) where he should repeat all required steps according to the book, making sure that all required tables are both dumped and re-installed correctly.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
translate.google.com should definitly provide a WoW <-> English translator. Could have helped me in reading quite a few postings here. :)

However, Coolasice, no offense meant. This WoW speech is just so unclear to non-WoW gamers. When you ask for some solution you should just be so nice and try to write in simple english. Especially as there are mostly non-native english speakers here in the forum.
kalvaro posted 5 years ago
And there are mostly non-WoW speakers in the forum :)

@TTSneko - Awesome intepretation!

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