View a different port table.

Fernando Real posted 5 years ago in General
Install Multiple instances of MySQL on your Windows port 3306 and schema1 table1 and in the second instance port 3307 with Schema2 and table2. The question is how I can make a query instance being in port 3306 table2 read data port 3307.
Something like this or do not know how.
Select * from schema.dbf.tabla2
Anyway thank you very much for the help.
jfalch posted 5 years ago
AFAIK: you can't.

You can define two different sessions in Heidisql, one for each instance, and you can connect to both sessions, and then you can switch between sessions by clicking on the session name in the tree on heidisql´s left. You can, however, only execute queries within the currently active session; AFAIK, there is no way to specify a host or session name prefix in MySQL´s query language.

A workaround could be to install in each instance proxies to single tables in the other instance; you could use the FEDERATED storage engine for this - cf here for details.

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