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asherslade posted 5 years ago in Import/Export
Hello everyone, I have recently compiled an updated (WoW) Trinitycore server, and im on the last step I need before I can run it, which for me, is setting up the database. Ive done what the wiki says, and I have ran the MYsql_start, in my database (I use HeidiSQL) I have 3 sections, auth, characters, and world. I did what it said and imported the auth_start and the character_start in the folders, so those parts are done, but now the last thing I need is the world DB. To import the full thing updated for 3.3.5a on Heidisql it freezes when I upload it in ( its 75 mb ). I believe its still running but the interface isn't working. Even if it's working, it would take 6-7 hours to import it. I need to have the server by today and I believe this is a ridiculous step you have to go through to compile a server. Does anyone know away around having to import the 75 mb file through HeidiSQL or, anyway to make it freeze less, anything, please help! thanks
TTSneko posted 5 years ago
The file size of the "FULL" db was around 80 MB if I remember correctly. There are various points you have to check, not directly related to HeidiSQL but rather caused by the default settings of MySQL - it's default import size is max. 8 MB or so (depending on version and settings).

Check both the timeout and max. import size settings, there should be a note on both in the Wiki you used. For example, I used phpMyAdmin instead of HeidiSQL and thus needed to alter the respective php.ini file to

"post_max_size = 100M"
"max_execution_time = 1800"
"max_input_time = 1800"

in addition to having to alter the "max_allowed_packet" in the my.ini (for MySQL) accordingly.

Sorry I can't be of more help but I only did this twice for other people and it has been a while, hence I can't remember everything ... getting old, I presume ;)

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