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mandyman3012 posted 5 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
I am beginner in SQL and tring to learn it from very basic..
here is some info.. which i would like to implement into SQL...
Tried a lot but feeling desprate..
the background is .. i have a database soksko..and i have a excisting column and i would like to add new contact person in excisting column name .. how i can use the statament from sql.

Here is the info. which i hav to implement.. in sql..
Register also that ‘Kurvebolden’ have informed us that Niels Peter Jensen is the contact person for the club
I hope somone would like to help me..
jfalch posted 5 years ago
Buy a book, for example this one. (ignore the title, it is really a good and helpful book.)
read it, experiment some with sql and its effects.
after a few days you will be able to solve this problem.

standard disclaimer: this is a support website for a particular mysql client software, heidisql; occasionally, if some of the forum participants feels like it, moderate to difficult sql problems are discussed.
it is NOT a tutorial etc site for beginners. it is especially not a site for people who expect help in the form of solving their database problems for them.
mandyman3012 posted 5 years ago
Thanks alot...

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