data view and multiple presets of colums filter

evgen_sql posted 5 years ago in General

your HeidiSQL is GREAT,

but 3 things coold be better:

1. when you click on row in table- it could open in new window in vertical view (it could be option in context menu) not in horizontal - too hard to horizontal scroll to find right colums
2. the same reason - it will be good if user could be made a multiple presets of colums filter for each table

3. when using ssh tunel - too often connection close, 10 sec max - i dont want to disconnet/reconnet every time - it is too slow to work

Thank You for HeidiSQL!

sorry for my english.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
1. I think there is an issue report somewhere, can't recall it right now.

2. Column filters are remembered in a session, and if you want you can tell HeidiSQL to remember these across sessions (Tools > Preferences > Data > "Remember filters...")

3. Do you run the latest build? If not please update. I introduced a keep-alive-ping recently, which pings each 20s.
evgen_sql posted 5 years ago
3. using heidisql.r4233.exe

2. i see that filters are remembered. But there is only 1 colums filter per session.

I use tables whith 320 colums. I searching for the colum that i need (in "data" tab) for 5 min. If i could open this row in verical view or to set MULTIPLE colums filter presets it will be much faster
ansgar posted 5 years ago
2. what do you mean with "there is only 1 columns filter per session"?

If I am adding a second and third filter on the data tab, and have the above mentioned preference activated, HeidiSQL remembers all filters, and restores them when connecting to the same server the next time. Is that not the case on your side? Please describe more *exact*.

3. r4233 is ok, but you could update anyway.
evgen_sql posted 5 years ago
may be i dont know all features of HeidiSQL, but i mean this:

only 1 possible preset
ansgar posted 5 years ago
That's not a filter, man, that's the column selection. Yes, there is no way to remember different column selections on each start. But that would be the wrong way in your case. If you have a special table with such a huge number of columns, that's not a normal case you can work on with the normal way in HeidiSQL - the data tab. You should definitely work with a query tab and SQL snippets. That way, you can also have multiple presets opened in multiple query tabs, and you just need to click the tabs in order to switch to a different one. The data tab is not suitable in such situations.
jfalch posted 5 years ago
instead of column filters in the client, why do you not create appropriate VIEWs in the database, containing the column groups that you usually use ? Under certain conditions, views are even updateable.

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