Exception when open data view on VIEW

olko posted 5 years ago in General
Hello, i creates a simple view an a ms sql server db :

create view bla (id) as select sms_id from sms s;

The view is created.
When opening the data view en exception occures.

date/time : 2013-01-15, 11:22:03, 606ms
computer name : XXXX
user name : xx<admin>
registered owner : Windows-Benutzer / XXX GmbH
operating system : Windows 7 x64 Service Pack 1 build 7601
system language : German
system up time : 2 hours 38 minutes
program up time : 2 hours 28 minutes
processors : 4x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz
physical memory : 1503/4011 MB (free/total)
free disk space : (C:) 21,12 GB (D:) 353,40 GB
display mode : 1920x1080, 32 bit
process id : $554
allocated memory : 99,94 MB
executable : heidisql.r4218.exe
exec. date/time : 2013-01-15 08:53
version :
compiled with : Delphi XE
madExcept version : 3.0m beta 1
callstack crc : $ecd46a11, $9bff8f3d, $9bff8f3d
exception number : 12
exception class : Exception
exception message : Regulärer Ausdruck passt nicht zum VIEW Code in ParseViewStructure(): CREATE TABLE "bla" ( "id" NUMERIC NOT NULL).

main thread ($8c8):
0072a4b8 heidisql.r4218.exe dbconnection 3378 +30 TDBConnection.ParseViewStructure
007f78ea heidisql.r4218.exe Main 7177 +59 TMainForm.DBtreeFocusChanged
00621db2 heidisql.r4218.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.DoFocusChange
006261d8 heidisql.r4218.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.HandleMouseDown
004e9728 heidisql.r4218.exe Controls TControl.DoMouseDown
0061e150 heidisql.r4218.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.WMLButtonDown
0062a463 heidisql.r4218.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.WndProc
004ed034 heidisql.r4218.exe Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
004ab88c heidisql.r4218.exe Classes StdWndProc
76607885 USER32.dll DispatchMessageW
00575f0f heidisql.r4218.exe Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage
00575f52 heidisql.r4218.exe Forms TApplication.HandleMessage
0057627d heidisql.r4218.exe Forms TApplication.Run
00814bf0 heidisql.r4218.exe heidisql 75 +23 initialization
767633a8 kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk

It must be a bug in HeidiSQL.

Bye Olaf
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Yes, that's issue #2496.

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