Problem when import SQL file

tikvarova posted 5 years ago in Import/Export
Hello guys,

I just upgrade to final revision 4312, and after that I got problem when I'm trying to import SQL file. Now I'm not able to import any SQL file - I checked with several files, that works perfect a few hours, days ago...!!

The message is:
Warnings from last query:
Note: Table storage engine for 'table' doesn't have this option.

The system is Windows 7/64
XAMPP Version: 3.0.12
MySQL Version: '5.5.25a'
Database engine: InnoDB

Any ideas!?
ansgar posted 5 years ago
That does not sound as if it's caused by your HeidiSQL update. But anyway, that's a bit vague. You will need to link your SQL file somewhere, or at least the section in that file which throws this error.

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