SQL Server 2005 Express

finbar posted 5 years ago in Creating a connection
Hi I am having problems connecting to a SQL Server 2005 Express Instance with HeidiSQL I am using the latest stable release from your web site.

Message returned SQL Error 17 Server does not exists or access denied

I can use the same credentials to login using Server Manager Studio Express, and have tried both Windows and SQL Server Authentication.

The host name is W2003-NPSQL\SQLEXPRESS

I can see in the MS SQL log that an access denied message is being recorded ( I'm 99% sure that its being logged but there seems to be a lag in logging )

MYSql connection is fine

I knwo this is a bit vaugue but any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this appreciated
ansgar posted 5 years ago
I have recently fixed some MS SQL related bugs, so you could first try the latest build from Help > Check for updates. Although these bugs were not connection related, so it's unlikely that they fix your problem.

However, if you get "access denied", that clearly points to wrong credentials, doesn't it?
ansgar posted 5 years ago
To connect to my local MS SQL server I need to select "MS SQL (named pipe)" in the connection settings, and then my host "ANSGAR-PC\SQLEXPRESS" works like a charm.
finbar posted 5 years ago
I upgraded to the latest release and the problem went away, possible cause on the operator (my) side may have been an incorrect port number specified in the connection string

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