is ther an easy way to migrate heidisql settings to a new machine?

anatol posted 5 years ago in General
Subject says it all - moving to a new machine and have about 20 dbs in session manager - can be done by hand, but ...

I did not find any export/import facility ...
jfalch posted 5 years ago
Menu "File / Export settings" - this also contains all session definitions.
anatol posted 5 years ago
Thanks, Sorry - how did I miss it?! I am too tired.unhappy
DavidRSF posted 4 years ago
I can't find any "File" menu. How do I make it visible?
DavidRSF posted 4 years ago
Let me update this with the answer for anyone who needs it...
The menu is only visible when you are in a session.
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
If you are in the Session Manager, the menu is in the More button (right bottom corner).

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