redo ?

BubikolRamios posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion
There is no redu (doh there is undo) command.

Having redo would be a big +
kalvaro posted 5 years ago
In fact, there is. The short-cut is "Ctrl+Shift+Z".


- There's no toolbar button for "Redo".
- The short-cut is not customizable.
- There aren't menu items neither for "Undo" nor "Redo"

So it's a sensible feature request anyway.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Yes, there is no menu item anywhere, because the standard action classes to not provide a TEditRedo action, in contrast they provide a TEditUndo action. I'm also wondering why there is no such an action class.

But SynEdit has its own undo/redo commands, which can also be customizable via Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts. It's only a bit difficult to find in the myriad of "SQL editing" commands. The default SynEdit shortcut for undo is Alt+Backspace, and for redo it is Shift+Alt+Backspace.
BubikolRamios posted 5 years ago
There is undo button (green back arrow, when there is something to redo) in toolbar, so redo would be somehow expected.
fengyqf posted 5 years ago
redo, ctrl+shift+z will function, but it does not in any menu item.
btw, I'd prefer ctrl+Y than it.

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