Laban posted 12 years ago in General
First of all I'd like to agree with the many people before me - It's great to see 2.5 back in action! I abandoned Front after the change of ownership and found other tools, but none that were that good. Thanks alot Ansgar!

Now, to my issue here. I've switched to using Linux for my desktop and looking for good tools for managing MySQL. Can Heidi compile under Linux using Kylix or something like that? I'm not familiar at all with the delphi/kylix world so therefor I ask.
ansgar posted 12 years ago
The answer is a simple: No, but I'm not sure. wink

We never concentrated on compiling with Kylix yet, because there is an easy way to get HeidiSQL running with Linux: Use Wine.

Here's a page that describes HeidiSQL's compatibility to Wine:
fattchris posted 12 years ago
first off, I love heidisql!

Ok, so I dumped Vista and picked up Ubuntu 7.04 (Kubuntu actually)

I installed Heidi with Wine and it worked great the first day....

Second day, I can get to select databases to show, then it disappears. It still has a process though, just invisible otherwise.... any ideas?

timwetter posted 12 years ago
I like HeidiSQL. it's a very good tool for "xxSQL".

But I miss a linux version of HeidiSQL and thats all about DELPHI.

I think the best way is 2 migrate to c++,
so only the frontend must be build up with qt.

But 2nd time:

thanks for Heidi "deine Welt sind die Berge".
ansgar posted 12 years ago

I think the best way is 2 migrate to c++, so only the frontend must be build up with qt.

To achieve compatibility with Linux, which is already given by Wine? Hmm. You can try if you want: Just check out the sources and convert thousands of lines of code from Pascal to C++ :)

I highly guess this step would stop further improvements and bugfixes coming in for about one year.

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