Parameterized Queries

djdjohnson posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion

I'm wondering if you have ever thought about supporting parameterized queries in HeidiSQL. They are, of course, used very frequently in Delphi, but they are becoming much more common in other languages as well.

The idea being that any token in a query with a : prefix would have a value substituted in before the query is executed. (The question mark is also common in some languages, though it is used by itself, not as part of a named parameter.)

Pasting queries back and forth between HeidiSQL and source code would be considerably easier if HeidiSQL knew how to interpret (and replace) query parameter values.

It would also make queries which reference the same values over and over easier to build, as they could be built using a parameter instead of typing the same values over and over again.

ansgar posted 5 years ago
Oh there is a slightly old discussion in issue #1325 already.
djdjohnson posted 5 years ago
Glad I'm not the only one that would like to see this. :)

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