feature request: virtual fields

ofer posted 4 years ago in General
Many years ago I worked with a database that had 'virtual fields', which are very convenient, and I think will be a wonderful addition to HeidiSQL.
Suppose you have:
name: transactions,
fields: customerID, bought_item, date.
Table 2:
name: custromers
fields: customerID. customerName

In order to get a list of transactions that include the customer name, I need a query in order to join the tables.
Instead, it would be nice to add a 'virtual field' to Table1 called customerName, which will not really hold data; rather it will be data extracted from Table2 for the view. Furthermore, once such a field is defined, it can also be used in queries, as if this field is part of Table 1.
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
Views have been supported for a long while. If you are not talking about that you should explain what you mean exactly.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
And MariaDB + HeidiSQL supports virtual column definition, see the "Virtuality" column in Heidi's table editor.

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