Feature Request: Auto-Generated Local Port for SSH Tunnels

achbed posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
When setting up multiple SSH Tunnels, the user must specify the port(s) to use when using those tunnels completely manually. There is no error message thrown when the local port cannot be opened, resulting in the only error being an "Access denied" message.

This feature request is for a set of "default" ports that can be used for SSH Tunnels. There are a few ways to implement this come to mind:

1) Have a range of port numbers (possibly a global preference), and assign one for each tunnel as the tunnel is opened

2) Check for the requested port number's status (open or closed) and auto-increment until an open port is found, then use that for the new tunnel

It should be possible to disable this functionality as a global preference. I would suggest that this feature would be enabled by default to minimize new user confusion.
cautionbug posted 4 years ago
i ran into this exact issue today, which is why i registered for the forum. :)

i think it would be sufficient if Heidi looked at stored sessions to detect duplicate local ports on SSH setups, but if the port is in use when a connection is made, a more accurate error message would be MUCH more helpful. i ended up resetting my root password because i forgot about the duplicated port on two of my sessions.

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