Setting language in 8.0

JCquence posted 4 years ago in General

Is there a possibility to set the language back to English in the new HeidiSQL 8? I don't like my native language.

ansgar posted 4 years ago
Hehe, yes there is: Go to Tools > Preferences > Miscellaneous. See the very last drop down for "Language", and change from "Automatic" to "English" or whatever.
JCquence posted 4 years ago

Unbelievable I didn't see that. That's what your native language does with you, I can't read it anymore ;)
csa posted 4 years ago
Hello, I just stumbled upon your software today and I find it quite amazing.
I just have a small question for now.
Is there a way to change the language on the portable version too?
csa posted 4 years ago
Scratch that, right click on the title bar gives access to the Preferences menu.

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