Garbage in query log

lemon_juice posted 4 years ago in General
In recent versions of Heidi I've noticed some buggy behaviour in the query log and the problem remains in the 4396 release. I run a query manually and then I see something like this:

Hint: the last update query affected 800,000 rows but part of the message got replaced with something weird.

And a few seconds later:

Some garbage is visible in place of the message. I've seen all kinds of strange characters there on various occasions, often some Asian characters garbage. The garbage often changes under mouse cursor to something else when I try to select the text but this doesn't really remedy the problem.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
I have seen that before, and I'm quite sure that is caused by flaws in the underlying SynEdit component (the syntax highlighter memos you find everywhere in HeidiSQL). They also have a bugtracker but it's unfortunately not very actively developped - 11 commits this year yet.
lemon_juice posted 4 years ago
It's a pity you don't have much control over it. It's hard for me to tell how to reproduce this bug but from my observation it happens most often when multiple connections are open.

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