Sometimes, heidi sql don't show all the databases

dvadim13 posted 5 years ago in General

Suddenly, when I connect to my server with heidi sql, it does not show all the databases.


What can be the problem ?

ansgar posted 5 years ago
Probably you have a filter active in the upper left database/table filter boxes?
dvadim13 posted 5 years ago
There is no filter......

And also, when I execute the following query:

show databases;

it does not show all the databases.

ansgar posted 5 years ago
Then, this is the cause why HeidiSQL doesn't show all of them either. Probably you don't have privileges on all databases. You can check that with HeidiSQL > Tools > User manager.
dvadim13 posted 5 years ago
thanks for your reply. I connect as root.

So, I supposed to see all the tables, right ?

Again, sometimes, I see those dbs.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Not necessarily. Check out what privileges "root" user has. To be honest, I also guess that's not the problem here, but I have no clue what it could be.
dvadim13 posted 5 years ago
Can you tell me how to clean the cache ?
I reinstalled the mysql and I still see the old databases.
jfalch posted 5 years ago

find your mysql server .exe (mysqld.exe). Uusually it´s somewhere (eg C:\Programs\MySQL\) in a sub directory called bin\ ; one directory level up should be the mysql server configuration file, my.cnf or my.ini. Look into it with a text editor; in the [mysqld] section, find datadir= . The directory listed in this line is your where your mysqld databases are stored physically (ie as files on disk); the directories in the datadir are the real databases that you should also see when you do SHOE DATABASES.
dvadim13 posted 5 years ago
Thanks a lot !!!
JAB Creations posted 1 year ago

ansgar, I have a temporary work-around that should be an easy bug-fix for you.

I was having trouble viewing newly created databases with HeidiSQL. What I realized was that when I hit F5 with the focus on the right panel (primary tab: Host: localhost, secondary tab: Databases(#)) it would not fetch the databases however when I hit F5 on the left panel it would run the SHOW DATABASES; query.

Perhaps either implementing an OS-level error beep when executing a command should the user not have focus on the correct panel or implement refresh/F5 support for the right panel. Thankfully I burned only an hour on this issue myself.

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