HeidiSQL Export !!!! Importent

Handas96 posted 4 years ago in Import/Export
I am new here and have a problem with heideSQL. I made a Database with HeidSQL on my PC but i need it on a other PC. What did i have to export.Please i need fast help

Sorry for my bad English

jfalch posted 4 years ago
do not use more than one "!" in post titles.

in heidisql:
right click on database in tree on the left.
select "Export database as SQL"
in the dialog, on the right select
Database(s) [x] Create box
Table(s) [x] Create box
Data: select INSERT
Output: select One big file
FileName: click on small disk symbol at right edge to select the name and location (path) where output file is to be stored
click "Export" button (lower right)

transfer output file to new PC
start heidisql
select from Menu "Tools" / "Load SQL file..."
in open dialog, select the transferred .sql file
after file has loadled into the upper pane, press F9

that should be it.
jfalch posted 4 years ago
PS: afterwards, to see newly created datebase, click into the tree on the left, and press F5.

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