Cann't connect over SSH

dubbeltje posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection

I am running Heidi on windows 7.
But I keep getting the following Error:

Sql Error(2003) in statement #0: Can't connect to MySQL server 'localhost' (10061)

In the Session Manager I choose the following options:

Settings Tab:
Mysql SSH tunnel
Hostname: localhost
User: [mysqluser]
Password: [mysqlpassowrd}
port 3306

SSH Tunnel tab
Link to link.exe
SSH host [host] Port 22
Plink timeout 8 seconds
local port 33010

I can login to my tunnel using putty. No problem and I also know that the passwords are right.

Any suggestions?

jfalch posted 4 years ago
a) is the field after "plink exe location" empty ? or does it contain the path of a local plink.exe on your system ?

b) is this the first time that you tried to contact the server via SSH ? if so, you must first call plink.exe once manually, to answer the question wether the serverĀ“s key is Ok and should be stored to registry. (plink.exe Username@host)
dubbeltje posted 4 years ago
Hi jfalch

a) it's not empty. I filled in the path to plink
b) Yes its the first time. I started plink from command line. But don't get a question if the server's key is ok.

Any idea's?
dubbeltje posted 4 years ago

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