losing records from a mysql table

delmardata posted 4 years ago in General
Mysql 5.1.61 using PHP
I records are randomly deleted from a single table (pcdtl) within a mysql database. I have created a history table(pchist) that gets written to each time the pcdtl gets written to (insert into). Records are never deleted. I have combed thru the code many times to validate this fact. The table is written to quite frequently by a variety of users. Records randomly and inconsistently are deleted from this table. As table usage increases, this issue occurs more frequent. There are approx 60 tables in the database and many have equal high usage without losing records.

Is there a known cause? Should the file be optimized/repaired on a regular basis? Any ideas would be appreciated
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ansgar posted 4 years ago
Probably your table is broken somehow. Try to run
delmardata posted 4 years ago
I have run the repair utility weekly and it does not fix the problem.
jfalch posted 4 years ago
you could try to switch on the serverĀ“s log. this will make access times lousy, but you can at least see what happens. (a possibly slightly faster, but more arduous variant would be to replicate to a separate test slave server, and have that one log in clear).

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