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17795 posted 4 years ago in General

I have some requests to improve usage of HeidiSQL.

1/ The PK column is shown with an icon of a yellow key.

But id we sort the column, the sort arrow replaces the yellow key, so we don't see anymore it's a primary key :(

2/ We can filter the name of the column by taping the beginning of its name.

Maybe it could be more efficient if we can reset the input by clicking in a delete red cross. Without this we have to delete input with the keyboard :(

Thank you for reading (and sorry for bad english).

17795 posted 4 years ago
I can't edit the message !

Here are the images :

ansgar posted 4 years ago
VirtualTree is the underlying component which is used as the data grid in HeidiSQL. It does not support more than one icon per column header. Please refer to the VirtualTree bugtracker if you request to change that.

There is already a "Clear" button when you click the icon in the table or database filter editor.

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