Feature request: More user friendly tabs

Vasilis posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
Hello ansgar,

First of all, i would like to congratulate you for a truly amazing software. And for your coding language of choice ;)

You must get lots of comparisons with SQLYog and even i known that every software can't be the same as another one, some similarities might ease the transition. Similarities like Unique query tabs.

When you move from a database to another from the treeview, the query tabs remain the same! You should be able to keep unique tabs / database, making it easier to manage multiple databases without worrying executing a query to the wrong database.
The expected behavior should be to hide all query tabs that don't correspond to the active database.

Do you think this could be possible?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Possible but not quite following the purpose of general queries. The intention is to keep a query tab open for every database, as it's quite common to run the same query on different databases. Think of test + production database, and think of queries which don't get anything from the database itself but from the server.
Vasilis posted 4 years ago
Then maybe make it optional depending on the user's use of the software?
Something like "Keep query tabs persistent on all databases"

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