HeidiSQL + Wine + SSH connection

SvenB posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection

I've got an issue with HeidiSQL on Ubuntu 13.04, all the servers i use jou have to connect through ssh to the mysql database. With DBeaver i can connect fine but I don't have the nice export options of HeidiSQL.

I downloaded plink.exe set the path to plink.exe and get the following message: Plink exited unexpected.Commandline was: plink.exe -ssh user@se.rv.er.ip...

I have also tried to install plink on ubuntu and when i type in the commandline it connects fine, so i removed the path to plink .exe and now it gives the error that is could not execute. Then i thought maybe if i put only plink in the path box it will run the command. But then i get the same message as the above.

Does anyone has an idea how i could connect through ssh on ubuntu with HeidiSQL ?

Thanks !!
Sven Buijsrogge
The Netherlands
jfalch posted 4 years ago
do you perchance use a private key file with your heidisql configuration ?
if so, although the path to plink.exe must be input using windows format (eg Z:\... or such, as returned by the "folder+glass" icon at the right of the plink field),
for some obscure reason the path to the .ppk file must bei input using unix format (eg /my/folder/my.ppk).
i have tried it this way and it worked under ubuntu 13.04.
CxOrg posted 4 years ago
Run plink.exe using your server connection parameters as shown in the error popup in wineconsole and accept the certificate then your connection will run OK from HeidiSQL. (Sabayon 13.08)

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