Feature Request: Export grid rows as 'SQL UPDATE' statements

vjeleven posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
Hello Ansgar Becker,

Firstly, thanks for the outstanding product you've developed. Ever since i switched from sqlyog a couple weeks ago, i haven't looked back. Even the error reporting system (in case of app errors) is very well put together.

Of maximum use to me has been the export grid rows feature. Was thinking if it would be possible for you to consider having one more option where the user can export the selected/all grid rows as 'SQL UPDATE' statements based on a selected/auto-decided primary key.

i.e. in the format:

UPDATE table_name SET field_name = 'value' ... where id = X;

For tables with unique primary keys, the "id" field in the where clause can i guess be auto-detected by the application.

For tables without a single primary key, maybe the user can specify the field (of fields) to use in the where clause.

This is so that even tables with inward foriegn key relationships can be exported out easily using the export-grid-rows feature.

Do consider.

Thank you. Rock on.


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