max. Filesize for .sql-File

mpiontek posted 4 years ago in General
I need possibility to import files larger than 400MB up to 2GB. Can I import it with GUI and if its possible how can i do it? Whats the maximum file size to import with the gui?

my System: Win 7 / 64x / HeidiSql
ansgar posted 4 years ago
In theory HeidiSQL just has a limit of 2^64 for the filesize, that is 18 EiB (Exbibyte). Your file system also has limitations, probably smaller than that. When you load a .sql file into HeidiSQL's editor, you are asked to run it directly (which I strongly recommend for large files). If you do so, HeidiSQL reads the file in chunks of 20MB.

I fixed some read errors recently, but there is still a problem with Unicode files which was reported here. HeidiSQL sometimes sets a split marker within some multibyte character, and then later SQL commands are broken or even empty.

You could test with HeidiSQL, and if it does not work, use the mysql.exe command line utility.
mpiontek posted 4 years ago
thanks for informations. I will try it.

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