Quick Filters - Not Working

gbagley posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion

I have been unable to get quick filters to work at all. When I run a query, and then right click on a cell in the dataset, the 'Quick Filter' option is always greyed out. Is there something I'm missing? This seems like it would be an incredibly useful feature!

I'm on version

ansgar posted 4 years ago
The quick filters are only usable in the "Data" tab, not when you run a query in a "Query" tab.
yan posted 2 years ago

Anse - any plan to change that ?

HS could detect if the WHERE clause is already specified:

  • if it is, add " [field] = [value] AND " after the WHERE

  • if it isn't, insert the WHERE clause at the end as it does with the Data tab.

Alternatively, the query could be changed to something like: SELECT * FROM (initial query) A WHERE <field> = <value>

The latter option is probably easier and cleaner as finding the right place to insert the additional filter may proven difficult (e.g. multiple WHERE's found or complex queries).

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