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New feature: Jump list on taskbar button

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 6 years ago in News Permalink
Windows 7 + 8 users may find this quite comfortable: Right mouse button on the taskbar button for HeidiSQL shows you a "Recent sessions" list, with your most used sessions in the recent 30 days:

Just update your HeidiSQL to the latest build to get that feature. (Menu "Help" > "Check for updates")
Electrosa's profile image Electrosa posted 3 years ago Permalink

Hi Ansgar,

I do see the jump list in the task bar, but it doesn't appear in the start menu in the most used apps list.

You can see it in the screenshot. For example, "Bloc de notas" (Notepad) has a right arrow that opens the jump list, but HeidiSQL doesn't.

Could you please check it? Thanks!

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kalvaro's profile image kalvaro posted 3 years ago Permalink

I can confirm that. And it's missing from start tiles as well.

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