Bug when setting function return type to unsigned

zaxa posted 4 years ago in General
I have a function where I need it to return a BIGINT UNSIGNED. The UNSIGNED part isn't in the drop down so I typed it in behind BIGINT. I hit save and left and came back and now the UNSIGNED is gone from the return type field and it, along with my comment, are at the top of the main body of the code instead.

Very easy to reproduce:

Right click on database, create new Stored Routine
Select Function
Name it TEST or whatever.
In Returns type: BIGINT UNSIGNED
Add a RETURN 0; to the body of the routine.
Hit save.
Navigate to another table or routine.
Navigate back to TEST.
"unsigned" will be the first line in the body of the program and the routine will no longer save.


ansgar posted 4 years ago
Ok, please file a bug report in the issue tracker. Thanks!

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