Error Message on executing HeidiSQL for the first time

delphichem posted 4 years ago in General
After intalling MySQL and execute HeidiSQL -> click on button new of connform, I get:
"NodeDataSize not initialized. (D:\Dev\Composants\VirtualTree\Source\VirtualTrees.pas, ligne 30111)."
Adding this on
procedure Tconnform.btnNewClick(Sender: TObject);
CreateInRoot := (Sender = menuNewSessionInRoot) or (Sender = menuNewFolderInRoot);
if ListSessions.FocusedNode <> nil then  // <---- Add this
ParentSess := ListSessions.GetNodeData(ListSessions.FocusedNode);

fix the problem.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
The path reveals you're getting that error in your self compiled HeidiSQL. That error does not happen in the official releases.

My official sources have a one-liner in the TVirtualStringTree.GetNodeDataSize event.

Please use the official builds and releases only when reporting bugs, in order to avoid confusion.
delphichem posted 4 years ago
Hi I you're right, the only thing that I do is using the 5.2.1 of tvirtualtreeview, sorry for the report, is there a possibility to delete this report?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
You must have also deleted the value from the GetNodeDataSize event. A newer VirtualTree version should not be the reason for that error. The one used in HeidiSQL is 5.1.0, from January this year.

No need to delete this report. We solved some problem here, so it's probably even useful for other developers.
delphichem posted 4 years ago
The new version of TVirtualstring has not "vsInitialUserData" in TVirtualNodeState, so I change the line (main.pas 4804)
if not (vsInitialUserData in Node.States) then begin

if not (vsOnFreeNodeCallRequired in Node.States) then begin

This cause the error that I've (wrongly) report
delphichem posted 4 years ago
Hi, now you've update to version 5.2.1 of virtualtreeview, please retake a look at this post
ansgar posted 4 years ago
I already fixed that when updating VirtualTree.

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