USB Stick Version?

Schnoop posted 11 years ago in General

I want to know if it is possible to release a version for usb sticks. The problem is that the usernames and passwords are stored in the windows registry. So if i start the tool at another PC, all accounts are not availble. What do you think?

Happy New Year :D

ansgar posted 11 years ago
Here's a HowTo for using HeidiSQL on a USB-stick:

1. Start HeidiSQL and use File -> Export Settings to export all settings to a single .reg-file
2. Copy all files from %ProgramDir%\HeidiSQL\ to your USB-drive
3. Copy the .reg-file to your USB-drive
4. On the other computer to which your USB-drive is connected, start HeidiSQL and use File -> Import Settings to restore all settings including your session-data.
5. Open the connection-window and be happy to see all your sessions. :)

Be aware that the connection-credentials will be imported into the registry of the local computer. The password is stored weakly encrypted, and can be encrypted by using another HeidiSQL-installation on the same computer.
Schnoop posted 11 years ago

thanks for the answer.

Good to know, but it's not a really good way.

Do you think about another solution? Maybe choose where to store the data?

goyvind posted 11 years ago
Hi, it would be great if HeidiSQL become more USB or "roaming" friendly as suggested by Schnoop.

In my work I deal with a long and ever-increasing list of "connections" and often change between computers. In this case a file-based storing (XML?) of connections would be very much preferred. Then the connections could be "synced" with the regular sync/backup processes - or even stored on a network drive for shared access within the office..

Doing manual registry export/import is too time-consuming when you want to sync everything daily or even more frequent.

Just a friendly input from a heavy user ;)
ansgar posted 11 years ago
Yeah, good suggestion, really!
We will have to decide where the default place for such a config-file should be in order to not bother any user with a configuration-hassle when they only want to use HS on one computer.
goyvind posted 11 years ago
What if you place it in the installation path as default (alongside "heidisql.exe"). Say with the filename "heidisql.xml" if you go for the XML approach..?
ansgar posted 11 years ago
That was also my first thought. The problem with storing files in %ProgramDir% is that users with less windows-privileges than an administrator has, cannot make changes to those files. Not sure, but I believe you have to be main-user at least for this purpose. Would mean that you are not able to store any session here. When you google a bit on this topic some proposals for this problem are to store those files in "C:\Documents and settings\All Users\...". But then again we have a place outside the HeidiSQL-installation-dir and it's again not so easy to make it a runnable USB-stick version. Any tips?
goyvind posted 11 years ago
Hmm.. let's try a different approach on the idea.

* Keep registry as default "connection storage" (everything works as normal)
* From config advanced users can add extra "connection-files" with custom paths
* If custom "connection-files" exists:
- display a dropdown list in the beginning of the connection dialog
- first value in the dropdown list loads registry connections
- other values in the dropdown loads connections found in the selected custom "connection-file"

The reason I'm drafting the possibility for multiple "connection-files" is mainly because it also would be nice to group connections when we're talking about many connections.

Example: For each project we have 2-3 different SQL connections (Development, Production and Production Test).
With the possibilitry for adding more "connection-files" it would be quick and easy to manage many connections.
papoo posted 11 years ago
hello all,
I have made a USB version (and a tutoriel) with automatic restoration, save and clean register.
The tutoriel is in french, sorry.
You can also download the standalone 3.04RC version.

the url : http://pon.fr/index.php/heidisql-manager-de-bases-de-donnees-mysql
Pedja posted 10 years ago

Any tips?

On instalation offer user to choose how to save config. I always prefer programs that do save config with exe so i can simply copy it to another computer and run.

Saving options in registry is prbably the worst case. I lost data on several occasions just because of that.
sylikc posted 10 years ago
I'm really not sure which one of these threads to reply to so I'm replying to all of them. Anyway the portableapps.com one fits into a format that's pre-defined, as a standard.

At the request of Anse, I've created a portableapps.com version of HeidiSQL. Given the portableapps.com format, no traces will be left behind on your system, nor will it interfere with an existing install.


(currently unavailable, will be back up in summer)
jan posted 10 years ago
hi anse
maybe you can build an special version, which does nothing save to the registry but only to memory. it' is easy because you can just switch between TRegistryIniFile and TMemIniFile (without saving).

if you dont want to maintain two versions, you can set while installation an registry-key, and only when this registry key exists it writes to registry, if not, it discards all settings.
evil2003 posted 9 years ago
I've posted a suggestion in "HeidiSQL portable" here: http://www.heidisql.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=875

Basically, it simply use .ini first (if there are), if none, use registry.[/url]

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