Error setting up connection

James_DG posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection
Hi guys,

When trying to export my files and trying to open them in HeidiSQL I continuously get an error message:

Can't connect to mySQL server on 'localhost'(10061)

Having read the other topics I've tried different ways to log in without luck.

My hosting provider informed me I should use the following login info:

Name of host/IP: localhost
Username: username_name-database
Password: password as was created.

On the other hand I've read some threads here mentioning to use the following info:
Name of host/IP:
Username: root
Password: password as was created/or blank.

All options above all not working though. Am I missing something here?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

ansgar posted 4 years ago
Can you connect with any other MySQL client?

If yes, please verify the port on which the server runs. Default is 3306, but it's possible to change that in your my.ini (or my.cnf) on your local MySQL server.
jfalch posted 4 years ago
Both localhost and designate your computer, ie the one that you are working on. Since you mention a hosting provider, I assume that you do not have a mysql server running on your computer, but want to access a database server on another computer (run by the hosting provider).
ask your provider if you are supposed to access that database by an ssh tunnel; that´s the only context in which using localhost would make sense to me. if so, let them tell you the ssh server to contact, and your username and password for it (probably different from your mysql user name and password); select connection type "mysql (ssh tunnel") in heidsql´s session manager, then enter the ssh on the second tab and retry.

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