"Find Text on Server" search results disappear after first "see results" view

bazchas posted 4 years ago in General
I am a new HeidiSQL user, moved up from PHPMyAdmin, so far so good however one of the features I am using is the "Find Text on Server" search as I often need to change the same text string across many tables.

I get my search results in the Table Tools window but when I select a single result and click "See Results" the search window disappears and shows me the table data in the main HeidiSQL window but I can no longer view the rest of the search results without going back the "Find Text on Server" menu and redoing the search.

I must be missing something as I am sure I should be able to keep the search results window on one monitor and click down the list making changes as necessary in the main HeidiSQL window. Please let me know what I need to do to keep the search results persistent.

ansgar posted 4 years ago
No, that's intentionally. The window closes and *all* search results which found more than 0 rows are opened in multiple query tabs.
bazchas posted 4 years ago
Ok, that is fine, I get it. Thanks for the confirmation, much appreciated.

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