Cant open new saved Snippetts after Update Heidi

ConnorMcleod posted 4 years ago in General
after updating Heidi to Version, I cant open new saved Snippetts.

System: WIN 7 64 Bit

Thanks in advance for your assistance
ansgar posted 4 years ago
And what does "cant open new snippets" mean, I mean *exactly* - do you get an error or..?
ConnorMcleod posted 4 years ago
Thx for your answer ansgar.

I create a new SQL-Snippet i.e. a simple Select-Querie and i saved it as: Test
If I double-click on the "Test"-Snippet: Nothing happens.

Realy nothing, no error etc.

My old created snippets work fine. I can open them and run.

This case is after update on Vers.

My older portable Version work fine.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Please update to the latest build. I fixed empty snippets short after the 8.1 release. It was a quite critical bug, so I'm thinking about making a new 8.2 release.
ConnorMcleod posted 4 years ago
Many thanks for your quick help ansgar

Now I use Ver. and it works as usual (Sorry for my bad english)
ansgar posted 3 years ago
v8.2 released this morning.

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