Error in "Manage user authentication and privileges" in sql server session

anonimoftp posted 4 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
when i try to use the function "Manage user authentication and privileges" in sql server session ,i get an error. Below is the trace generated:

/* Error with snippets directory: The specified path was not found */
/* Delimiter changed to ; */
/* Connecting to ZIOBOB-PC\SQLEXPRESS via Microsoft SQL Server (named pipe, experimental), username ziobob, using password: Yes ... */
/* Connected. Thread-ID: 51 */
SELECT DATEDIFF(SECOND, "login_time", CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) FROM "master"."dbo"."sysprocesses" WHERE "spid"=1;
SELECT "name" FROM "sys"."databases" ORDER BY "name";
USE "msdb";
/* Entering session "Prova SQL" */
SELECT *, SCHEMA_NAME("schema_id") AS 'schema' FROM "msdb"."sys"."objects" WHERE "type" IN ('P', 'U', 'V', 'TR', 'FN');
SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'skip_name_resolve';
/ * SQL Error (156): Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'LIKE'. * /

System: WIN 7 64 Bit, SQL Server 9.0.5000, HeidiSQL Version

Thanks in advance for your assistance
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Well, the user manager is a pure MySQL functionality. I guess there is not a single query in that dialog working on MSSQL too. I did not care too much here yet, as noone complained yet, and I have zero clue how to manage users on MSSQL. I guess we have again totally different approaches compared to MySQL - not with the GRANT and REVOKE commands. But if you like you could file a bug report and give some basic hints on how users are a) created b) edited c) deleted, how privileges are named and how user names are retrieved.
anonimoftp posted 4 years ago
Thanks for the reply and congratulations for the excellent work. I'll try to send a few basic notions about managing users in a Microsoft SQL. Have a nice day

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