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infabo posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion
Are there any plans to implement a similar feature Navicat already has - called "ntunnel" or "HTTP tunnel".
See here

It allows you to connect to a database server over HTTP. This is quite useful for some ISPs not allowing external access to their db-server and where you don't have any ssh-access too.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
See issue #1405
abu posted 9 months ago

See issue #1405

ansgar, I can't make that link to work.

It looks like the number of issues in github is much lower than 1405 (as of 17th April 2018, the last issue is #231).

Where can we follow what you call issue #1405 now?


ansgar posted 9 months ago

The issue tracker moved from Sourceforge to Github. Here's the SF link:

abu posted 9 months ago

I have not clear the status of that issue.

It was closed as "wont fix" for many months, but then in late 2012 you started to work on it again.

If it is open, shouldn't it have been opened in github, for discussion?

(sorry if it is a ridiculous question: I am not a developer, so I am not very aware of how sourceforge/github migrations work)

Thanks a lot

ansgar posted 9 months ago

No problem. I decided not to migrate the reports from Sourceforge to Github, as these were already badly migrated from Google Code earlier, and GitHub did not offer some easy migration for tickets. In addition the whole discussion is quite outdated. Probably there are new points today. But to be honest, I was never really convinced enough to spend time on a http tunnel implementation. Also, there was some guy promised to send some input for the PHP part, but he never reported back. All in all I think the idea is dead.

abu posted 9 months ago


Yes, I saw that guy comment. Sorry I am not skilled to do that.

As for the original discussion about you being or not convinced, I see your point about not bypassing security measures.

But I am more of the opinion that many of the php-mysql hosting providers do not close direct access to mysql for security reasons. Many of them have direct access, but only offer phpmyadmin to free accounts. They give you direct access if you upgrade to a payed account (security is not the problem).

So you basically pay them for a easier and faster access to your database, I think.

And I don't think that if you add this feature to heidisql you will make these providers lose money. As you have already mentioned, the performance of HTTP tunnel will be much worse than using a direct access through mysql port.

That http feature will make connection much easier, but also slower. If you want speed you will still decide to pay for it.

I hope you reconsider this http thing again ... but anyway, thanks a lot for developing heidisql

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