General forum questions.

QuintusTasmanianDevil posted 4 years ago in General
I can't see any options to do this but:

1. Can you edit a post after it's been submitted? Like correcting typos or adding additional information.

2. Can you insert images (screenshots) from your disk file?

No problem if you can't do either but I can't see any buttons that will let me do so.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
No, editing is not allowed. Please post a new text to fix something. Uploading images should be allowed at some point. Until then, you can only link to external images.
QuintusTasmanianDevil posted 4 years ago
Thank you. I'll try and type more slowly to catch them. Its taken me 35 minutes just to type this.happy
kerry posted 4 years ago
hi. im a newbee. I use MySQL 5.7
what I want to learn how to do is create or access a table so I and read it and write in it. or change it.
like....name address city
and not codes. can I do that
jfalch posted 4 years ago
this is a support forum for a particular mysql client, occasionally answering technical mysql questions; it is not a general "learning mysql from zero" forum.
google around, or buy this (or something similar) and read it; then come back. (do not be put of by the title; the whole series is really quite good.)
QuintusTasmanianDevil posted 4 years ago
Kerry, why not take a look at some of the online references? There are a number of resources, like this one for example:


To be honest, a quick google will show you lots of examples and it will be easy to modify those examples to do what you want.
kerry posted 4 years ago
hi its me again
first I came a long way from three weeks ago as a sql newbee. I can insert create read data create my own database.
but there is a question I need to ask..
when I downloaded and installd MySQL community server.
I had the option as full but did not select it and stayed with
default. what is the full option you see when downloading and seting up. does that cost extra. in other words while seting up durin install I chose the default of devolipment.
what if I chose full. and can I change devolipment mode to full.

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