HeidiSQL Ads serving out malware

cogcap posted 4 years ago in General

I'm a sysadmin, and one of my users went to your site and was tricked into downloading malware from your site via the AD at the top. What was presented to him was a download button, which redirected to a browser hijacker among other applications.

We'll take care of the issues on our end, but I ask that you please look into the ads that your serve.

Here are 2 links involved in the download. Click and download them at your own risk.



Please address this with your ad provider. I've noticed that our user is not the first one with this problem. I hope you can get this resolved.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
These ads are from Google AdSense. There are quite a few of those with a big download button, and I'm always trying to catch all and block them, only to see the next day there are new ones...

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