Where are my queries from today? Disappeared? Why? Query history empty. :(

hrvoj3e posted 4 years ago in General
Heidi has crashed (I can't reproduce this).
Bug report window comes into focus, I try to save bug report and it closes.
I restart it, connect again and look at query history to get queries from one minute ago.
There are no queries from today at all. Last date is '2013-11-23' and today is '2013-11-28'.

All this time another instance (new window; different connection) is open and works OK.

Can't you save all query tabs to query history or just some file/log when app crash happens?

HeidiSQL 32bit (portable; all files from install version + portable EXE)
Windows 8.1 x64

Please look into this!
hrvoj3e posted 4 years ago
App folder:

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