Problem adding new row to a table

kjubn posted 4 years ago in General

since one of latest updates (not sure which one, I'm trying to update regularly) I'm having an issue adding new row to a table using '+' button in the menu or duplicating a row from context menu (sql inserts obviously work). The error I'm getting is:


not really sure what this exception message means and google wasn't that helpful. can you please advise?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
You are running r4631, and current build is r4673. This was issue #3429, which was fixed in r4632, one single revision beyond yourssmilePlease just update HeidiSQL to the current build before reporting bugs.

And yes, I should release soon...
kjubn posted 4 years ago
sorry, i just updated heidi earlier today using the link next to 'donate' in right upper corner and i though it would automatically update to newest version.

i can confirm that it works fine now. thanks a lot.

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