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HeidiSQL 8.2 released

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 9 years ago in Anouncements Permalink
This is the first release which ships a 64 bit version along with the 32 bit one. The installer includes both versions. Installing over an existing 32 bit instance will again install the 32 bit version. So if you prefer 64 bit you will need to uninstall first.

Get it from the download page.

Here are the most noticable changes and new features:
* 64 bit version allows HeidiSQL to use much more of your memory than the 2GB in 32 bit mode
* New feature: Fast table status for databases with InnoDB tables. (Disable Session > Advanced > [X] Get full table status)
* New feature: Favorites in database tree
* New feature: Append parameter names for procedures and functions in completion proposal
* New feature: Compressed .sql file export
* Migration to the brand new Delphi XE 5 compiler
* Replace out-dated code which partly not runs in 64 bit mode
* Update gettext unit
* Update Cromis.DirectoryWatch unit
* Update VirtualTree component code to 5.2.1 (r567)
* Update SynEdit component (r114)

* Revert r4538 (ctrl backspace bug), as this broke tabbing through grid cells
* Add fallback "DELETE FROM..." to CSV import dialog's option "truncate table"
* Fix non-working "Replace all" button on search/replace dialog
* Turn "Drop" confirmation dialogs into custom critical types, and set focus to the Cancel button.
* Quote plink.exe path and file in SSH tunnel preparation, so spaces in the path do not break the CreateProcess call.
* Fix quick filters, broken with formatted numbers
* Prefer Delphi's various TGraphic descendants over the out-dated GraphicEx library. PNG images even show their transparency now. Removes support for the myriad of exotic image formats.
* Restrict "Quick filters" > "More values" submenu to tables with less than 1GB of data, so we're not running into an endless query

Phew. And for the nerds: watch out for *all* changes here.
snospar's profile image snospar posted 9 years ago Permalink
Updated to 8.2 this morning but I've had to rollback due to unexplained crashes. No error message displayed - program just exits when running a simple "select * from table" query. Didn't happen on every query run but was repeatable on the 2nd or 3rd run.

OS: Windows XP SP3
cautionbug's profile image cautionbug posted 9 years ago Permalink
Very cool to have a 64-bit build.

However, in my case it doesn't appear to have installed over the existing 32-bit (C:\Program Files (x86)\), but alongside it (C:\Program Files\). i uninstalled the 32-bit afterward, and 8.2 is running fine (shortcut is labeled 64 bit, so i assume it actually is).
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 9 years ago Permalink
Yes, I think you just have two applications installed then, and you should just uninstall the 32bit version. What I wrote above is wrong - the installer does *not* overwrite a 32bit version with the 64bit one. Instead, the 64bit version is installed, separately, and you can uninstall each of them independently.
yorro's profile image yorro posted 9 years ago Permalink
I am using your HeidiSql for more than 2 years now. Thank you for removing that god-awful donate button(though I am not sure if it was for this released or in the past)

For that awesome gesture, I made a donation.

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Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.