auto insertion of ` character in VIEW

Ritesh Mehta posted 4 years ago in General
Hello Admin,

First of all lots of thanks for developing such a wonderful tool. Its really superb.

I m facing one difficulty in view modification.

1) Have a look at below view which has "`" character, which is auto inserted in view definition. I want to remove it from view definition.
select `c`.`custcode` AS `custcode`,`c`.`firstname` AS `firstname`,`c`.`middlename` AS `middlename`,`c`.`lastname` AS `lastname`,`c`.`address` AS `address`,`c`.`phone` AS `phone`,`c`.`mobile` AS `mobile`,`c`.`emailid` AS `emailid`,`c`.`active` AS `active`,concat(concat(`c`.`firstname`,concat(' ',`c`.`middlename`)),concat(' ',`c`.`lastname`)) AS `CName` from `ms_customer` `c`

2) I did find/replace. At once, it shows replaced. But after save when i reload it, it again shows it with "`" character.

3) Line breaks also not getting saved.

Please advice corrective action.

Ritesh Mehta
ansgar posted 4 years ago
That auto-replacement is done by the MySQL server. HeidiSQL cannot do much about it, while trying to get the very original view code you have entered before. In the SQL log window, you should see some "SELECT LOAD_FILE(..." command. You probably don't have the privilege to run that LOAD_FILE, and in that case it all does not help. But if you really want to keep your original VIEW code, than you should enable your user account to run that LOAD_FILE command.
Ritesh Mehta posted 4 years ago
Oh... got it. tried and working as per need. smile

Thanks a lot

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