Export Database Tables Crop/Create Question

Sakusami posted 4 years ago in Import/Export
Hi all,

I am using HeidiSQL to backup some of my production tables and also to bring them down to my dev servers for testing.

This is my first time doing this with Heidi and I want to use the "Export Database SQL" tool. When using this tool, I noticed there are 4 checkboxes in the upper right that give you the choice to "Drop/Create" Table and Database during the export.

So my question: Do these options just add drop/create blurbs to the export sql code OR do they delete/create the table fresh as the export is happening?

As I write this I feel it is the first and not the second, but I figure I would just rather ask then trial by fire and waste the time making backups the old fashioned way.

ansgar posted 4 years ago
All 4 options only affect the target output, never the source! This is a critical thing to know, and I guess I should note that somehow in the dialog.
Sakusami posted 4 years ago
Thank you very much, I appreciate the quick response! happy

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