Postgresql Support

SpongeBobTR posted 4 years ago in General
Do you think about to add Postgresql support?

Because this project is great and if we could use heidiSQL with postgresql together, this would be fantastic! :)

you have done excellent job, Ansgar Becker.wink
yahyasonmez posted 4 years ago
Postgresql support required.
Mysql together Postgresql.
good job.
jfalch posted 4 years ago
not going to happen.
SpongeBobTR posted 4 years ago
it just a wish, man.

don't be so pessimistic, maybe it will happen in the future. :)
pizza111 posted 4 years ago
MSSQL still has many errors after two years more...
SpongeBobTR posted 4 years ago
I agree with that. MsSql support still buggy.
Mayar posted 4 years ago
+1 for Postgresql support

Pleeeeeseee! :)
TTSneko posted 4 years ago
Ansgar himself stated that there is no PostgreSQL support planned, for a number of very specific reasons that everybody with a little background can easily check out.

Then, see "13 Jan Future development" on the main page. It is pretty obvious that Ansgar dramatically cut back on doing anything *at all* due to health reasons.

Ergo: no.

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