Showing huge DB size with index - how to reduce ?

Thiru posted 4 years ago in General
When i use index in all columns my DB size gets huge.
How to reduce it?

i have a table with 8 column and all the columns are indexed.
no. of available records (rows): 2,25,000
its size is: 526.9MB
my total DB size is 1GB

Let me know how to reduce the DB size.
I hope the size gets huge due to indexing - am i right ?
pls. confirm me in this regard.
and get me a solution to reduce the DB size.

Expecting your valuable reply.
Thanks & Regards,
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Yes, indexes can get quite huge, especially if they were applied to text columns. How to reduce that? Delete unused indexes. If you use and need all of them, don't care about the overall size of your database - it's not that relevant for performance.
Thiru posted 4 years ago
Okay thanks for your quick reply.

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