Adding option to automatically go to last-view when selecting table

Danya posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion

First of all, HeidiSQL is a great piece of software!
I'm a former MySQL-Front user (5.1) but when I lost all my connection settings when updated to 5.3 I thought this would be a good time to switch, cause in one way or another, I had to re-add my 30-ish accounts. I work with utf-8 databases/characters and MySQL-Front is very unstable on those charsets (at least 5.1 was).

HeidiSQL handles utf-8 like a boss!

What I'm missing in HeidiSQL is an option to remember the last used view tab.
On db re-connect and selecting a table it'll automatically select the 'Table: xxx' tab, while I constantly use the 'Data' tab.
Is there any way to set this *or* to request this feature to be added?

Thanks in advance! smile

jfalch posted 4 years ago
there is not currently an option to set this.
you can add a feature request here.
Danya posted 4 years ago

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