recover dropped tables

David Ntim posted 4 years ago in General
Hello, i was backing-up my database and accidentally had the drop table box checked with the two create boxes. After the backup
All my data cannot be seen in the database
Plse someone help me on how to get the data.

kalvaro posted 4 years ago
Creating a backup copy will not destroy your current data. You must have done something else.

Whatever, if you do have a copy, just load it again (possibly in another temporary database so you have the chance of having a proper look at it).
TTSneko posted 4 years ago
In the EXPORT SQL window, one can not DROP without CREATE. You told HEIDI to create a backup and then drop the respective database & tables instead of creating a backup and leaving everything else alone.

Simply re-import your backup: unpack the ZIP, then open the FILE menu and run LOAD SQL FILE. The backup will be imported to a query window (named according to your backup name). Press [F9] or click the EXECUTE SQL button.

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