These annoying popup balloons!

Newbie posted 4 years ago in General
Hi, guys!

I'm really sorry if it's a silly question but I just wonder if there is any way to turn these annoying popup balloons off.
Look at this image and I hope you will understand what I've meant.
BubikolRamios posted 4 years ago
Great feature ! (-: dd not noticed it at all.
I guess I'm moving mouse too fast.
Can be handy if you run script that produces multiple resultsets.
Newbie posted 4 years ago
It would have been useful if these balloons hadn't covered a great deal of the field of view! When you click on the tab in order to see the resultset this balloon appears and block it! Moreover it stays forever unless you move your mouse out of the tab. But you should be very careful and do not move your mouse pointer onto another tab otherwise another balloon will appear and block another part of your resultset.

The "great" feature :(
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
I don't think you want the feature gone. The tooltip disappears as soon as you leave the tab header so it's quite unobtrusive. But, while testing before posting my answer, there was one time when it wouldn't go away no matter where you move the mouse pointer to or where you click. Is that what you mean? Does it happen often? Are you using latest snapshot?

Other than that, perhaps there could be a slightly larger delay before showing up (so it's more difficult to trigger it inadvertently but it's still usable).
Newbie posted 4 years ago
I haven't got any other problems with these balloons except that they always block a great deal of my recordset and sometimes ALL my recordset.

Maybe someone like it but I don't. So please just make this feature customizable so it can be turned off for those who don't like it.

Thank you!

Your program is really lightweight and awesome. Sometimes it crashes when the connection to database is broken down and I try to reconnect using "Connect to" menu but it usually works well if I try to connect again using Session manager.
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
Sorry but it isn't my program; I'm just another user like you, I do like the query tab tooltips and I can't understand why anyone would need to turn them off. Just don't park the mouse pointer right on top of the tab name.
Newbie posted 4 years ago
You like them but I find them useless and annoying. Tastes are different therefore there isn't any point to discuss.

I just ask to just make this feature customizable. That's all.
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
Feel free to open a feature request in the issue tracker if you haven't done it so far.

But you're asking for a feature that doesn't have any obvious benefit and when asked about that you apparently confirm that it doesn't have any utility beyond pleasing your aesthetic taste. With such use case, it has little chance of getting implemented.
justpusher posted 4 years ago
I don't understand how these tooltips can block you recordset(s)?
You just move the mouse away from the tooltip and it disappears. Newbie, doesn't this work for you?
lemon_juice posted 4 years ago
I fully agree with Newbie, there should be an option to turn the tooltips off. And moving the mouse away is not a solution when I have multiple queries (=mutiple result set tabs) and I want to visually compare the results by switching between the tabs. When I click on the tabs the tooltips cover the result set so comparing them is not possible, in other words I cannot visually see what has changed when I switch the tab. This is the reason why I often don't use this feature and run multiple queries each in separate query tab instead - then I can compare the results by switching the main query tabs.

This may not be how some people use the result tabs but for me the tooltips get in the way of what I want to do, I don't need them at all and wished they were gone. I think the request for making them optional is very reasonable.
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
lemon, you are the first one who gives a proper reason. I agree with you, yet it's possible that some tweaking can prevent us from having yet another setting. For instance, perhaps it'd help to make the tooltip go when you click on the tab.
lemon_juice posted 4 years ago
Yes, that would work, too. By default the tooltips could appear but when I click on the selected tab then the tooltips are toggled off and on. When I click on a different tab (=switch tab) then the current visibility of tips does not change - this way I can once click the tab to turn the tips off and then I will not be bothered by them any more when I switch the tabs for the current result set group.

Another help would be to assign keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs. Many applications use Control+Page Up/Down for switching tabs - then when the mouse is away the tooltips would not appear.

All these are great ideas if avoiding another setting is what we are striving for.

But in any case I think we have to wait till Anse gets better since this is not his priority at the moment (I think it should not be).
ansgar posted 4 years ago
In the meantime we have both, shortcuts for switching between result tabs (Alt+Left/Right), and you can disable these SQL popups, in Tools > Preferences > Data appearance. Latter one just done in r4735.
lemon_juice posted 4 years ago
This is excellent now, thank you very much!
Plasm posted 4 years ago
This both (tooltips hiding content and lack of shortcuts) annoyed me multiple times, too. I was just too lazy to request these features.
Thanks a lot.

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