Mssql Timeout Problem

Mat posted 4 years ago in General
Tried with...
heidisql (, heidisql32(8.3.r4695)
Connecting to a DB with Network Type Microcrap Sql Server (Tcp/Ip,Experimental), not connected to a local DB.

If the query takes longer than about 45Secs then it just get this error...
Sql Error (0): Query Timeout expired.

Can't seem to find any options for this, including the portable_settings.txt

I can't seem to find any where to set this.

RickA posted 3 years ago

As shown, this property needs to be set by the sending application. Please fix. wink I've got queries to very large tables (millions of rows) that are going to require the ability to set the timeout property to '0'
ansgar posted 3 years ago
Just update to the latest build, and you will get a new "Query timeout" setting in the session manager's "Advanced" tab:
RickA posted 3 years ago
Sweet! Thank you! wink

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