A few tiny glitches

Misha v.3 posted 4 years ago in General
Thanks for the excellent program.

I've found a few tiny glitches in version 8.3.

1. In view edit tab it is not possible to change SQL Security because there is no such field (SQL Security field is present in procedure/function edit tab)

2. When I try to change view's algo from 'merge' to 'undefined' Heidi shows that the algo is changed. In fact it is not. This is not the Heidi's fault as the same valid query from console does not change the view's algo as well. However, I think that Heidi can get view's info from server after update and show correct (not changed) algo value.

3. It is possible to decrease Import window width. Unfortunately, when it is minimal, some checkboxes' labels are not readable. I think it is a good idea to increase minimum window size for this dialog.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
>> 3.
You mean the csv file import dialog? It has a resize grip at the lower right edge, hasn't it?

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